Dating etiquette thank you

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A handwritten Thank You note is a timeless gesture and a wonderful way to truly personalize your gratitude.

It tells guests—​you have time for them and that they are important!

Different rules apply when travel is involved, and it's important to get your bearings before beginning the wedding planning process.

We've gathered all our favorite destination wedding etiquette advice, as well as a bunch of helpful tips and tricks for avoiding destination wedding faux pas.

While most gifts will come closer to or immediately after your wedding date, there’s a chance at least a few people will send you engagement presents earlier on in the process.

If you're planning a destination wedding and the idea of asking your guests for gifts seems awkward, mention on your wedding website or on an enclosure card that you don't have a wedding registry, and that your guests' presence is gift enough.If you do receive gifts from a friend or family member in honor of your engagement, should you send out a thank you note immediately, or wait to include it with a thank you for your wedding gift? The best way to stay on top of your thank you notes is to write the note as soon as you’ve received and opened the present.Sure, it might mean sending the note out before your wedding has even taken place, but it also means you won’t lose track of who gave you what or whether you’ve sent the card out at all. The same goes for any engagement gifts you receive.This embarrassment of riches can backfire, however, because many people tend to give up on a prospective match too quickly.With so many options available, you may be tempted to move on if the first email exchange doesn't work.

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