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Alternately, there's a direct link to the guide in my profile.) WARNING: This contains EVERY secret in the game! If you're having too much trouble with the boredom time limit you may want to look up just the secret in the guide in order to have an easier experience. I used to play this game ALL the time, it's an oldie, but, damn, is it probably one of my favourite dating sims!

(And I've seen more of THOSE than any one should legally be allowed to subject themselves to : B) Damn, found out who the girl was then died of boredom. Anyway, the game had an original idea and good dialogue.

His original simplistic design did not include any iris or pupil, and this remains part of the style of the series.

He is an exceptional gunman, though he has also displayed skill in unarmed combat from time to time.

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Pico is a flash cartoon character created by Tom Fulp in 1999 for the game Pico's School.

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Paul's odd wording did give me a picture as to what sort of dude he was.

*Read the instructions first before you play the game.

Only five weeks have been granted to her on a mission to find this true love.

There's only one thing that can still hold his interest: resurrecting Dracula!

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