Rosario dawson dating

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We see Rosario Dawson naked in excited at that news.

Unfortunately, four of her five nude scenes are about a second long, and the other one is about two seconds long.

Rosario teamed up on the carpet with Oscar Isaac, 38, who plays the title role.

"I've been dealing with a lot of loss lately and reconnecting with my family and my friends in a different way.

I'm realizing how much I've pulled myself back, and I've been just really humbled by this opportunity tonight," Dawson, 38, said while promoting the Lower East Side Girls Club on AOL's Build Series in NYC on Wednesday, May 24.

Well, I suppose no amount of vaginal recognition could prepare you for this one since the movie does, in fact, contain the New York actress’ first ever full frontal nude scene.

And just because director Danny Boyle is a swell fellow, like 15 minutes after the first one, we get a second moment of full frontal nudity, with labia just as splendidly visible as the first time.

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