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Today is all about the messages, texts, phone calls and instant messages you exchange with your match before your first date, featuring 10 tips from Your Tango Expert Janet Ong. Start here.) More from Your Tango: How To Tell If a Guy Friend Likes You So, you’ve found a guy online who has potential and you’ve agreed to go out with him. Being yourself is attractive and shows that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Suggestions are okay, but pushing for what you want will likely turn him off. There will be plenty of time after your first date to share more personal information. If there’s something you see differently, remember that you’re not right and he’s not wrong. More from Your Tango: 8 Modern Dating Rules Every Single Should Know 8. Avoid reading too much into what he wrote or dismissing him because he was nervous on the phone.

Letting your guard down helps him open up and feel comfortable talking, e-mailing and texting with you. When the activity for your date is agreed upon, talking him into doing something else will make you seem unreceptive. When you acknowledge the things he’s shared during your conversations, he’ll feel heard and appreciate you for paying attention. Stay away from subjects that are unflattering, make you appear desperate, show you in a negative light or are controversial. When your date is sharing who he is, his thoughts and ideas, listen and respond respectfully.

But heading to the local bar doesn't appeal, and friends have no one to suggest. For many who are dissatisfied with the old-fashioned way of meeting new people, online dating has become an acceptable and popular alternative.

Relationship therapist Terri Orbuch says one of the advantages of online dating is it offers access to a large pool of people you can meet while staying comfortable in your own home. "And it opens you up to a wide-open world of potential matches." According to Online Dating Magazine, 20% of Americans have gone out on a date with someone they met on line.

Meeting the right person online can seem daunting, in part because of its inherent one-dimensional limitations.

But if you read between the lines of someone's profile, you'll find useful, relevant information.

Use these tips to help navigate the realm of online dating.

The reward at the end could very well be meeting that someone special you've been looking for.

Online dating requires some courage and thoughtful planning.

If you find a keeper, you don't have to hide how you met when you tell other people.

As online dating has gotten more popular, it's become more accepted.

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    But it's also tough, she adds, because once you're on the dating scene you can feel like a teenager again, in that shaky, unconfident, not-sure-if-he'll-call sort of way.

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    They post pictures of themselves - both when good and when bad - as well as in-depth commentary about themselves.

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