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When people tell me stories about their relationships or their interactions with people where they experienced a great deal of pain, the stories are often peppered with, “I kept giving him/her the benefit of the doubt.” I’ve been in situations like these many times where I’ve wrestled with the uncertainty that can come with either not being able to take a good reading of your gut or that comes with knowing that if you accept what you see, that you may have to take action or acknowledge certain things.

Much of the time and energy is spent trying to pin ‘good intentions’ on a person or at the very least analysing the intentions.

The uncertainty tends to grow the less we trust ourselves in general and the more that we’re inclined to throw our self-worth into the mix and question ourselves and what we’ve done to ‘provoke’ what we’re doubting.

It’s critical though when we make decisions that have the potential to impact our wellbeing and to potentially keep us in a toxic situation where we’re not adequately representing or protecting ourselves, that we get clear on we’re doing and ensure that we’re not doing something else entirely, because often we’re not giving the benefit of the doubt – we’re giving the benefit of the equivalent of magic eraser combined with over-empathy.

We can give the benefit of the doubt when it’s needed and appropriate that the interpreted meaning or particular outcome wasn’t intended, but then the person is either going to give you reasons to justify your doubts regarding dodgy intentions or give you further We’re not giving the benefit of the doubt when we pretend that something didn’t happen or we start coming up with all manner of stories and excuses in an attempt to shut down our misgivings and silence our inner voice.

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Acknowledging that something happened and giving the benefit of the doubt are not mutually exclusive.

We have to acknowledge what happened and how we feel in order to gauge whether the benefit of the doubt is warranted or whether we need to represent ourselves more adequately.

M., and that the most vivid dreams of the night are likely to occur at this time.

During this stage, our awareness may expand beyond the normal range, enabling us to perceive other levels of reality.

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