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Volume six is missing… huh, that’s weird.

It’s not back here with the large volumes, so maybe it’s a smaller book…?

I’ll get working on it this weekend, so any suggestions between now and when I start will be taken.

We have less then 24 hours (30 June 2016) to reach the donation goal of 0 this month. When we max out the meter at 0, I create a extra donation image that will be emailed to everyone who donated, as well as uploaded onto the donation system for those who donated and have created an account. Some of you MIGHT have noticed (or participated) in a HUGE comment debate about Sailor a few comics ago.

When the monthly donations reach 0, I create a BONUS donation image for all those who donated or more. A reminder of the goals, when we reach , the Neko meter changes to a unique meter image.

If you hated MX, well, I guess this patch won't change that. Version 1.13 Patch - 20.3 MB (21,287,094 bytes) com - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate In case you don't know what to do with the patch: Unzip it into a folder. Combine the two folders so that the files from the patch folder overwrite the files from the mission folder. If you're having trouble, you may want to consider just getting the full 1.13 mission zip. Minor Fixes Dustbombing the drunk guard in the bar no longer wakes him up.

Version 1.13 Patch Readme - full list of changes, as well as persisting issues. com The following are the major changes featured in the patch. The bug that resulted in a coin purse floating in mid-air somewhere between the Pearl Hall and the back gate has been fixed.

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