Can teachers dating former students

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She was sentenced to 3 years probation and had her teaching license revoked.Michelle Strickland is a former Spring Branch ISD assistant band director who was arrested for having sex with a student at Strickland High School in June 2014.At the time, she was in a long-distance relationship.But after that other relationship came to an end, the student and her teacher started dating.

But the problem is not isolated to one campus or one district.Romances between law professors and law students: they happen.Speaking for myself, I think there’s nothing wrong with them, at least if the relationship is consensual, free from any claims of undue influence, quid pro quo, etc.Students sometimes nurse crushes on their teachers, and teachers sometimes lust after their pupils; these are facts of life so commonplace as to have become the ultimate cliché: a porn motif.Like many vaguely parental relationships, the pedagogic one can have a strong and unsettling erotic undertow.

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