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Another characteristic of rainbow trout, and a characteristic that it gets its name from is the presence of a reddish stripe along its sides that is often, but not always present.There are three subspecies of rainbow trout that occur in Washington, but only two are native; the coastal rainbow trout ().The overall thickness of the combined newspaper layers was between 10mm (base) and 20mm (side). The carton box, and its contents were identical to that described in the previous posting.

Spending a day on the water with me I will educate you on proper fishing techniques, boating safety and how it applies to the waters we are fishing.

I guide all year spending over 250 days on the open water and ice.

I am a avid catch and release supporter for Muskies and Bass.

Rainbow trout are an excellent game fish reputed for their willingness to bite bait and lures, scrappy nature when on the end of a fishing line and the fact that they are excellent table fare.

Rainbow trout can be identified by their bluish-green back, silver sides and belly, and black spots on the body and on the caudal, dorsal, and adipose fins.

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